Authors : Neethu Raj.B, Dr.Mariamma joseph.

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 Volume 3 Issue 6

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Nowadays it is a big challenge for civil engineers to do construction in poor soil with high loads. Such weak soil can be improved by different ground improvement techniques. Soil reinforcement is one of the most popular ground improvement techniques and this technique is used in this study. In this study the feasibitly of the soil as a subgrade material for pavement construction. A series of model tests has been carried out to develop an understanding of the influence of the geotextile and geocell on the subgrade soil. Geotextiles used here are two nonwoven geosynthetics, woven coir geotextile and geocell prepared from coir geotextile. The geocells mattresses were prepared by placing the coir strips in transverse and diagonal directions with joints at the connections. The performance of geotextiles and geocell is obtained based on the CBR load –penetration relation. Soaked and unsoaked CBR test are conducted with geotextiles and geocell.CBR value shows that the strength of soil is improved with the inclusion of geotextiles and geocell.
Keywords:- Geosynthatics, coir geotexiles, geocells, CBR.