Authors : Ade Rochmanu, Bustanul Arifin Noer, Indung Sudarso.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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In a project, the acceleration of the project is an achievement that should be achieved by employers and service providers (contractors). To pursue the achievement in terms of accelerating the project a lot of contractors implementing the system work overtime. But the overtime system has a variety of benefits and weaknesses in its application. However, many service providers do not understand the problems that can arise from the system to work overtime. Among the many problems posed one of which is the impact on performance. Many workers in performing overtime work only after the compensation regardless of his physical condition because the compensation is greater than the given time of normal working hours. So in doing the job at the time of overtime work, the performance will be diminished or different work normal working time. In this case there are several variables that accounted for their overtime work is motivation, fatigue, health and job stress. The variables obtained from several previous studies. The method used in this study using multiple linear regression analysis and path analysis with independent variables are variables of motivation, fatigue, health and work stress and the dependent variable is the performance of construction projects workers. motivation, fatigue, health and stress variable overtime work at night influence on the performance of employees amounted to 58.5%. Motivation influence performance about 6.05% and health influence performance about 10.11%.
Keywords:- performance; night overtime; multiple linear regression; path analysis.