Authors :-Jeyanthi P., Dhanalakshmi V., Reader, Dr. Vijayalakshmi K., Dr. Latha Venkatesan.

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 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Every year approximately 10 % of female worldwide are exposed to genital infections including urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis, and 75 % of female have a history of a genital infection. Specifically, the common risk factors for vaginal infections include is poor hygiene (both perineal and menstrual hygiene). Visually impaired girl’s needs have been widely and deeply neglected or not being properly addressed. Hence, specific measures should be taken for maintaining the better education on reproductive health among visually impaired. This study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of audio drama on menstrual hygiene and management of minor ailments of menstruation upon knowledge and practice among visually challenged girls in selected schools, Chennai. Study was conducted using true-experimental research design among 30 control and 30 experimental students who are selected using total enumerative sampling technique. Data was collected by questionnaire method using predetermined and pretested tools such as demographic variable proforma, menstrual variable proforma, Braille structured questionnaires to assess the knowledge and check list to assess the practice on menstrual hygiene and management of minor ailments of menstruation. Results revealed that the difference in mean and standard deviation of knowledge in control group between pretest vs posttest I (M=9.83, 9.77 SD=1.54,1.52), pretest vs posttest II (M=9.83, 9.77 SD=1.54,1.52) and posttest I vs posttest II (M=9.77,N 9.77 SD=1.52,1.52) was not statistically significant, whereas in