Authors : Utalbasha N Dhandargi, Kamala K N.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Background A Needle stick Injury is a percutaneous piercing wound typically set by a needle point, But possible also by other sharp instruments or objects. Commonly encountered by people handling needles in the medical setting, such injuries are an occupational hazard in the medical community.
 Aim Assess the effectiveness of planned teaching programme on knowledge regarding needle stick injury among the staff nurses.
 Materials and methods It was a one group pretest post test pre experimental among 50 staff nurses working in HSK hospital and Research centre Bagalkot. The sample was selected by convenient sampling technique. The data was collected by structured questionnaire prepared by the researcher. The effectiveness of PTP was determined by using paired t test.
 Results In pre-test out of 50 subjects 21 (42%) had average knowledge 29 (58%) subjects with poor knowledge regarding needle stick injury. Where as in post test out of 50 subjects 8% had excellent knowledge, 68% had good knowledge, and remaining 24% had average knowledge and no subjects were found in the category of poor or very poor knowledge.
 Conclusion The PTP prepared and administered by researcher was successful in improving the knowledge of staff nurses regarding prevention of needle stick injury so such educational programmes must be conducted regularly for updating the knowledge of staff nurses tp keep them safe.
Keywords:- Needle stick injury, staff nurses, questionnaire, planned teaching programme and occupational hazards.