Authors :- Harsh Ashar, Prof. Harshraj Dangar

Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 6

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The basis of attractive up a major programmer for the production of bio-fuels for blending with gasoline and diesel in our country emanates from a variety of factors. First, there is no alternative to the petroleum based fuels i.e., motor spirit or gasoline and constant Speed Diesel for the transport sector which is the major consumer of petroleum products. Secondly, bio-fuels are environmentally superior fuels and their use becomes compelling if the prescribed emission norms are to be achieved. Also there is need to meet the global environmental concern about climate change, ensure energy security, reduce imports, generate employment for the poor and achieve a number of other objectives. India has limited reserve of petroleum based fuel. To control air getting polluted by engine exhaust stringent emission norms are to be followed. These reasons have forced us to find suitable alternate fuels.