Authors : Akshata S.Pawar, Dr.Basavraj S. Balapgol.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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The key factor responsible for deteriorating the water quality of river is various land use activities and land use land cover changes(LULC) in that area. Surface water quality plays vital role in protecting the aquatic ecosystems. Mithi River in Mumbai is strongly affected due to urbanization. Unplanned urbanization deforestation like such phenomenon are strongly associated with water quality parameters. Hence to prevent the pollution at the source level it is important to find out the pollutant sources of river. The objective of this research was to relate the LULC parameters with water quality parameters to find out the nonpoint sources of pollution of Mithi river. Three sampling station point was selected on river and all the LULC analysis was performed using geographic information system and remote sensing tool and spearman rho’s correlation analysis has been used to find out the relation between LULC parameters and water quality parameters. This statistical analysis was performed in (SPSS) software statistical package of social science. The results indicated that built-up area , water body and slum areas has showing increasing trends in LULC changes while open land and vegetation showed negative trends from the year 2004 to 2017. Open land are decreasing at the fastest rate which might have a very negative impact on water quality of river.
Keywords:- Land use Land cover, Mithi river, Water quality, Spearman’s rho correlation, Google earth imagery.