Authors : Assafuah-Drokow Anthony.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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The study sought to assess the effects of perceived science teachers’ classroom behaviour characteristics on the academic performance of science students in Ghanaian senior high schools (SHS). A descriptive survey was the design used for the study. Seventy-two (72) third year elective science students (made up of 37 boys and 35 girls) drawn from six (6) SHS in the Central and Ashanti Regions of Ghana were used for the study. A purposive sampling procedure was used to select the sample size. Questionnaire and interview were the 2 instruments used for the study. Data from the questionnaires were analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statistics whereas data from the interview guide were analysed qualitatively. It was revealed that almost all the students (71; 98.6%) agreed that science teachers did not offer words of encouragement to them during lessons. Also, most students (67; 93.1%) agreed that most science teachers were quick tempered and they changed their mood very quickly. Also, majority of science students’ perceived that most SHS science teachers were unfriendly; impatient; unloving; gender bias and also had teacher’s pets in class. It was observed that science teachers’ inappropriate classroom behaviours had negative impact on students’ academic performance. It was revealed that young science teachers exhibited inappropriate behaviours; with young female science teachers exhibited the most inappropriate behaviours. It was recommended that science teachers should put up good and appropriate behaviours so as to help improve students’ performance and attitudes towards science.
Keywords:- Perceived, performance, behaviour.