Authors :-  Snehal Honade , Ayesha Sarwar , Suyog Kanawade , Akshay Hawle

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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A technique of programming the system for creating the valid and an electronic identification document are provided. Where in the electronic certificate or identification an electronic sign/mark is received from the user and attached to the electronic document .An electronic license/signature is attached to the document, and the whole a data is encrypted. An electronic passport act as a legal usable form of identification. The data is uploaded from the universal computing device to an approving machine which decrypts the documents. The digital license and electronic signature involved to the document are the confirmed for authenticity. Smart cards provide portable containers for an account, public key, and biometric data. They are increasingly prevalent for payment mechanisms (e.g., mobile telephone SIMs and credit cards). GSM mobile phone network million smart cards, on many cellular telephone networks, a subscriber uses a (subscriber identity module) SIM card can also provide transactional services such as remote banking, cash machines, bill paying, and bridge tolls. Our proposal uses one of these smart card methods to automate and popularize the e-passport system.
Keywords:-RFID tags, Biometric (fingerprints), Microcontroller.