Authors :- Ajith K , Gokul K Anil

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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ION thrusters have proven to be a suitable and efficient alternative to conventional propulsion systems. With very low demand on fuel due to very high specific impulse generation, ion thrusters can easily compete with chemical propulsion systems, even if the produced thrust is much lower. The system can be used for various mission demands like orbit station keeping for geostationary satellites, orbit and attitude controlling and multi-goal missions. Whereas chemical propulsion is highly unsuitable for deep space missions, ion thrusters are also making it possible to reach out further into deep space. In-space and ground integration testinghas demonstrated that ion propulsion systems can be successfully integrated with their host spacecraft.This paper represents a short report on electric propulsion system, specifically on the Electrostatic Ion Thruster with its design and functions.