Authors :- Musafir, Indriyanti Sudirman, Osman Lewangka, Musran Munizu

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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This study aims to examine the effect of Employee Engagement in perspective shariah as well as antecedent variable organizational commitment, meaningful work, leadership transformational towards Employee Performance. The study design used is cross-sectional study on 150 employees as a sample of 458 employees of Islamic Banks in Makassar. Data analysis model used is SEM PLS analysis through AMOS program. Results of analysis indicates that Employee Engagement positively and significantly affect Employee performance with Value (T-count> Ttable or 6,651958> 1,6094. In addition, only organizational commitment which have a significant effect on the performance of employees, while meaningful work and leadership transformational effect is not significant on employee performance. But the commitment variable organization, meaningful work, and transformational leadership have a significant effect on employee performance through employee engagement.
Keywords:-Employee Engagement, Organizational Commitment, Meaningful Work, Leadership Transformational, Employee Performance.