Authors : M.O. John, A.I. Babatunde, C. Isanbor, M.A. Olopade, A.G.O Logunleko

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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The crude ethylacetate extract of Lonchocarpus cyanescens has been found to be a potential sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells [DSSCs]. An attempt was made in this study to enhance the light harvesting properties of the dye by incorporating cobolt metal ion into it. The UV/VIS absorption spectrum of the processed extract showed a moderate auxochromic shift compared with that of the neat extract and an improved light conversion efficiency was observed from the solar cell produced from the former. The light conversion efficiencies of the cobolt incorporated extract DSSC is 1.69% greater than the neat extract DSSC.
Keywords:- Lonchocarpus cyanescens, natural dyes, polypyridyl metal complexes, absorption peak.