Authors : Vishakha N. Virnodkar, Devendra Sutar, Amit Bakhare.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 6

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A system or the equipment’s linked may be subjected to electromagnetic noise that has the potential to affect the accuracy of the entire system. In order to achieve safety and reliability of the machine as well as the equipment’s linked; the generation of unintended electromagnetic noise should be minimized. Also the system has to be made immune to the externally generated electromagnetic disturbances. The ability of a machine or an equipment to function as intended in the electromagnetic environment can be defined as electromagnetic compatibility. This paper focuses on the design and the noise reduction methods with respect to industrial cabinets to achieve good EMI control and meet the EMC guidelines. The results were used to compare the performance of the equipment under test prior and after the implementation of the noise reduction techniques.
Keywords:- electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic compatibility, conducted emission, radiated emission.