Authors :-Ayush Kushwaha , Ashutosh Sharma .

Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 6

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As construction industry is majorly labour oriented industry. Its major concern is how to increase the productivity of labour. Bar Benders and Steel Fixers who are responsible for bending, cutting and fitting of reinforcement bars contribute majorly in timely completion of the project. Hence their productivity is important in the estimation of time taken by the activities and in estimating numbers of bar benders and steel fixers are needed to complete the work in time. Many intrinsic and extrinsic factors are contributing towards the productivity of bar benders and steel fixers but only few can be controlled by management. This paper represents the evaluation and identification of factors affecting the productivity of bar benders and steel fixer in an infrastructure project. These factors are analysed and ranked with the help of Analytic hierarchy process. After evaluation, top five components identified are Training, Bar Bender skill, Complexity in bar bending schedule, Distance between binding place to place of cutting and bending and Workspace which are bearing upon the productivity of bar benders and steel fixers.
Keywords— productivity, Bar Benders, Steel Fixers, Analytic hierarchy process.