Authors :- Emiria Letfiani, Muhammad Faqih, Rika Kisnarini.

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 6

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Sombo rental walk-up flats is one of urban housing renewal flats in Surabaya. Previously, the condition of the settlement was very slum and dense. Then by the Surabaya city government decided to renewal the settlement by constructing flats on the same place. This was done to improve the quality of the environment, social, economic and provide decent housing for the local community. This study used quantitative methods with data collection techniques was using questionnaires distribution to the original residents of Sombo rental walk up flats. In addition, observation was also conducted by taking pictures in the field. Then the data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics. The results of the study based on the data and analysis indicate that most of urban housing renewal objectives can be said to be successful. Although there is still environmental degradation due to lack of awareness of residents in maintaining cleanliness and comfort.
Keywords—Urban housing renewal, Evaluation, Sombo walk-up flats, Surabaya, Slum area