Authors :-Dr. Shwetav Sharad, Sudhanshoo Sharma, Mukul Bhradwaj, Vivek Kumar.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Evolution of Virtual Notice mechanical man Platform is associate mechanical man application that is useful for college students, student’s folks and faculties. Within the existing system all the activities square measure done manually that takes countless efforts and time to urge updates concerning notifications promptly. It’s more durable to manage notices daily thus students don’t get correct notifications. In our planned system, victimization mechanical man phones, students will read notification, teacher rating, job update from mentors and department. The relevant information are hold on within the college server. {The faculty, the college, the student} will login into their college account through the app itself and update the educational standing. During this system, students have quick access for viewing the notices provided their authentications square measure correct and that theyn aren’t allowable to change/update the notification. Our planned work has 2 modules: I. Student 2.Admin. Within the student’s module, student ought to register their roll no, college license number, student name. Admin module maintains the student’s performance skills. Aside from this the advanced options are: just in case of natural calamities like floods, etc. notifications to students are sent from admin workplace through app directly. Any new notice for a specific semester will be uploaded by Faculty member through application notifying to several semester students. Application conjointly includes logic to support higher than mentioned facilities to its students.
Keywords:- Teacher Rating, Notification, Android, Paper Saving, Job Notification, Decrease paper work.