Authors : M. Mohamed Younus, N. Gayathri.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Concrete is most widely used material and has most desirable properties like compressive strength, stiffness and durability. In the case steel fibre used in concrete may increase the strength but at higher cost. Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is one of the fastest growing segments in the concrete industry as more and more engineers, architects, owners and contractors are turning to the use of fibres to supply their reinforcing needs in their concrete applications. The fibres are used to reduce shrinkage cracks. The test will be conducted by adding 0.4% of hybrid fibres (Polypropylene fibre & 0.3% of Coconut fibre,0.2% of Polypropylene fibre & 0.2% of Coconut fibre and 0.1% of Polypropylene fibre & 0.3% of Coconut fibre. The strength parameters of concrete such as compressive strength test of cubes, split tensile test of cylinders, Flexural strength test of beam by comparing conventional M30 grade concrete with a Hybrid FRC of same grade concrete.
Keywords:- Polypropylene fibre, Coconut fibre, improvement in strength, Fibre Reinforced Concrete.