Authors : Prabhu kadadi, Dr.Ms jahanara.

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 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Abstract: A sample survey study was on extent of adoption of organic sugarcane cultivation practices in Belgaum district of (Karnataka) covering 2 taluks of 12 respondents purposively selected villages with120 randomly selected sample growers in order to evaluate Adoption of organic sugarcane growers and the related correlates sufficient previous researchers were reviewed to select the critical variables for developing the oretical concept and deriving the hypothesis. The data were collected to observation, informal discussion and formal interview techniques with the help of predesigned tested instrument for recording the relevant information. The data thus, collected were processed, analyzed, interpreted in the light of objectives set forth with the application of suitable statistical test. Majority of respondents (53.50%) of respondents belonged to medium adoption category, followed by 31.50 and 15 percent of the respondents belonged to low and high adoption categories, respectively. The mean adoption score of the respondents was 13.88.