Authors :- Prityanshu Singh , Vishal Singh , Kirti Singh , Ananya Pandey

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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The rapid growth of technology has made our lives easier in multiple ways. This growth has also affected our lives both in many positive and negative ways, in some cases technology is the main reason behind various cybercrimes around the world and researchers have also predicted the chances cold war in future but on the other hand in many other cases modern technology is the reason various crimes could now be put to an end with just a click. This project is an approach to help people stay in a safer society by minimizing the risk of criminal activities around them and helping researchers understand the state of mind of the criminals when the crime had been committed. Project FACEDOX is a Facial Recognition system based on Facial Recognition and Deep Learning technology which uses Neural Networks to determine the facial match. It also makes the use of the vision technology to get a sense of the environment the entity whose face has to be recognized is in and then passed through tensor models. The data collected by the facial recognition system is transferred to a set of neural networks which find the nearest match, after the match is found vision technology helps to analyze the environment and predict possible cases of scenario that might occur. Voice based Artificial Intelligence communicates with the analysts discussing about the pros and cons of having the entity in the current environment, when any notorious activity is monitored the predictive algorithms determine the risk level and rapid response is taken. The body language of the entity and other physical characteristics helps to determine the state of the mind of the entity committing the crime which can be used by researchers to find a pattern of criminal minds and use it to come up with techniques to prevent happening of such crimes in future. The analysis might also help counsellors to understand several aspects that can be kept in mind after or before the prosecution of the entity. FACEDOX is built upon high end programming languages such as Python and libraries such as Tensor Flow, Google Vision and Deep Learning. These languages and libraries provide the substantial support to the whole framework of FACEDOX. Thus giving an effective solution to minimize the rates of crimes which happen in the world around us.
Keywords – Facial Recognition, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Tensor Flow.