Authors :- Fred. Oyesigye (MPH)

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 Volume 3 Issue 2

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Routine immunisation remains the cost effective approach in preventing childhood illnesses. However immunisation compliance and dropout rate remains a challenge worldwide. Compliance refers to a child getting vaccinated according to schedule recommended by government, and dropout rate the difference between the Initial and last vaccine administered (USAID 2003). (BCG -Measles). This Study looked at complianceof childhood routine immunisation and dropout rate in Kabuyanda Town Council which remained high at 47% in 2014 (Kabuyanda HCIV Records Office 2014) instead of national target of <18%, for BCG and Measles ≤ 10% for DPTHep+Hib1- DPTHep+Hib3, (UBOS 2013) A cross sectional study was done, 384 respondents of children 1 to 24months were interviewed using structured questionnaires administered by simple systematic sampling at household. Bivariate analysis on outcome 1 Compliant, 2 Not Compliant was done, tested using odds ratio and Pearson’s Chi-Square (x²). Factors significant at P value ≤0.05 with plausible association were again analyzed at Multivariate level to obtain adjusted Odds Ratio for factors affecting compliance to routine immunisation and dropout rate, “ time taken to get services” OR=1.99 (95%CI=1.02-3.89), “distance to immunization centre” OR=2.28 (95%CI=1.02-2.36) came out as factors responsible. Mother’snegligence and engagement duties, Sick children at the time of immunisation and forgetting a returndate werecredible causes that hindered compliance and increased dropout rate, mothers who waited 1hr were50% more likely to be compliant than mothers waiting for 3hrs+. Mothers residing in a distance 0.5 Km were 2.6 times likely to be complaint compared to mothers residing far from a facility. Therefore there is need to improve on time spent with mothers, create more outreaches to reduce on distance to immunisation services and intensify health education to communities, carry out more studies to strengthen these findings.
Keywords:-Compliance, Dropout Rate, BCG, DPTHep+Hib&Measles Vaccine, Full Immunisation.