Authors : Dr. Ravikumar A V, Bhoomika G, Chaitra R, Lekhana H.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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As we know today a lot of fire accidents are occurring around us and there is a huge loss of lives due to these fire accidents. Therefore we have developed a solution to this problem by using sensors and embedded system software. With the help of these sensors we will be able to detect if the fire has occurred and the required extinguishing action will be taken accordingly. The extinguishing action consists of alerting the passengers in the train about the accordance of fire with the help of a buzzer and a exhaust fan is switched on. The next action would be sprinkling of water all around the compartment in order to reduce the flames. The further action includes compartment separation so that the fire would not spread to any other compartments. By all these measures the fire accidents will be reduced and also the loss of lives and property would be minimized.
Keywords: – Compartment seperator , Fire sensor, LabView, myRIO , Smoke sensor.