Authors :-Ranjeet.P , D.V.S.Narsimha Rao,Syed Azhar Hussain , P. Naveen Krishna , Ch. Santosh Kumar.

Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 6

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Flood is a phenomenon occurring from time to time in all rivers. An attempt has been made in this research paper to demarcate the flood hazard prone areas in the Hyderabad, taken kukatpally as the study which is very low lying topography and necessary methods are being adopted by using Geographic Information System, which is used in the collect on of management, maintenance, manipulation and presentation of geographic data and or information for the use of these technologies is known to simplify decision making to a non-technical level and to support the stakeholders in sustainable-oriented decision making.
Flood problems, Flooding zones, Hut damages, Agriculture damages, etc