Authors :- Apurva S. Solanke , Mayuri M. Patil , Deepali R. Ture

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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Gi-Fi (Gigabit Fidelity) or gigabit wireless technology which is used for wireless communication at a data rate of more than one billion bits per second. Gi-Fi technology provides some advantages over Wi-Fi which is also wireless technology. It is most important wireless technology that enhances our personal environment, either work or private by means of networking or variety of personal devices within space and outside world. It plays main role for high speed large files transfers within seconds. Gi-Fi also allows the transfer of wireless audio and video files within range of 10 meters. Initially wireless technology includes infrared which was a very slow technology further inventions were done to make wireless technology a better for communication and the invention of Bluetooth , Wimax moved wireless communication. Gi-Fi consist of chip which has the facility to deliver short range multi gigabit data transfer in local environment and compared to other technologies in the market it is ten times faster. Gi-Fi has the data transfer speed upto 5 Gbps within short range of 10 meters. It operates on the 60 GHz frequency band. Gi-Fi allows transfer of large videos , audio files, data files within few seconds.