Authors :- R.Adith Krishnan, K.Srinithi, R.Balaji.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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In this paper we propose an intelligent system for translating sign language into text. This approach consists of hardware and software. The hardware is formed by flex, contact, and accelerometer sensors mounted on a polyester-nylon glove.In India, 30% of the people suffer with deafness and muteness. These mute/deaf individuals have a communication problem dealing with other people. It is hard for such individuals to express what they want to say since sign language is not understandable by everyone. This project is to develop a communication interpreter system that translates the sign language into text and voice that can be read by anyone. This is Hand Talk Assistance. A smart glove has been developed to capture the gesture of the hand and interprets these gestures into readable text. This text can be sent wirelessly and displayed in the LCD display.As a result of the experiments conducted it is clearly visiblethat gestures can be captured by set of inexpensive sensors, which measure the positions and the orientation of the fingers. The system we have made is able to interpret 20 out of 26 letters with aaccuracy of 96%.
Keywords:-sign language translation, gesture recognition, American Sign Language (ASL).