Helium-3 Production with Femto-H2 Based on Cold Fusion Mechanism for Plasma Fusion Reactor

Authors : Noriyuki Kodama

Volume/Issue : Volume 8 - 2023, Issue 7 - July

Google Scholar : https://bit.ly/3TmGbDi

Scribd : https://tinyurl.com/2j485xzr

DOI : https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.8330761

Cold Fusion is caused by the femto-D2 which covalent electron is in the deep electron orbit at a few femto meters from the nucleus. Femto-D2 is created by the compression of D2 at the reaction site on the surface with nano-roughness of FCC metal. Because inside the reaction site is negatively charged, D+ is attracted to the center of the reaction site is to be D-, and another D+ is attracted by D- to join to be D2 at the reaction site. D2 is compressed by the surrounding metal atoms of the reaction site, and electron of n=1 transition to deep orbit to be femto-D2. Because the electron deep orbit is at a few femto meters from the nucleus, covalent electron of femto-D2 can shield the coulomb repulsive force between d-d to cause Cold Fusion. With D2 gas loading into FCC metal, femto-D2 is created at the grain boundary of metal. With H2 gas loading, femto-H2 is created. Because femto-H2 is neutral, it can fuse the target element and it increase the atomic number of 2 because femto-H2 has two protons. In case that femto-H2 are in H2 plasma, H is transmuted to Helium-3 by adding two protons to proton, and in D2 plasma, it transmuted to helium-3 by adding two protons to d as is shown in the below reactions.Femto-H2 is 2 protons p+femto-H2 = 3 3Li=3 2He (electron capture) d+femto-H2 = 4 3Li=3 2He+p (proton emission) Because femto-H2 is a neutral particle, it descends by the gravity. Femto-H2 is created inside the plasma fusion reactor on the wall of FCC metal. Fusion reactor of Helion energy uses D3He fusion. D+3He=4He+p+18.3MeV, And this reactor has issue of high energy proton which damages the inner wall of fusion reactor. In other words, hydrogen is absorbed into the reactor wall of FCC metal, the reactor wall can create femto-H2 by Cold Fusion Mechanism with H2 gas. Therefore, the absorption of high-energy protons into the inner wall of the reactorcan be controlled by the reactor, so once D3He fusion occurs, the fusion can continue by the supply of proton from the Fusion reaction of D+3He. I presume that plasma hydrogen is generated in the reactor before the fusion of D+3He to supply proton to the inner wall of plasma reactor to create femto-H2 and helium -3. However, this plasma fusion reactor needs to have femto-H2 generator with mechanism for introducing femto-H2 into the plasma fusion reactor because this plasma fusion reactor cannot be used in the space ship without gravity because femto-H2 does not descend into the plasma fusion reactor without the gravity. Also, femto-H2 generator will improve the power generation. I propose that helium-3 mass production with generator of femto-H2 with H2O or with Hydrogen plasma, or direct compression of HD gas by nano-pore of nano-Zeolite for mass production of helium-3.

Keywords : ColdFusion Helium-3, femto-D2, femto-H2


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