Authors : Vinay Maurya, Swapnil Naik, Khushboo Mantri.

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 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Sun powered vitality frameworks have developed as wellspring of sustainable power source in the course of the last a few decades, and are presently broadly utilized for an assortment of modern and residential applications. Such frameworks depend on a sunlight based gatherer, intended to gather the sun’s vitality and change over it into either electrical or warm vitality. All in all, the power created in such applications depends in a general sense upon electrical power the measure of sunlight based vitality caught by the authority and along these lines the issue of creating following plans fit for following the direction of the sun over the span of the day on a year. The point of this paper is to acquaint the SOLAR TRACKING with the current settled sun oriented boards, by the way it is keeping up the steady most extreme power yield. Along these lines by utilizing this following framework the transformation proficiency of the sun oriented electric power age can be expanded [9]&[10]. Fresnel focal point is utilized for expanding the sunlight based board control by reflections.
Keywords:- orphans, better future help, mobile application, geolocation.