Authors :- Siddhi Suresh Patade, Vishwajit B. Gaikwad

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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This introduces a new structure of exemplar-based inpainting. In this we combine both, inpainting method and super resolution method. With the help of this approach that high resolution image is converted to low-resolution image and inpainted then again converted into high-resolution image. This makes it easy both in terms of computational complexity and visual quality and work with the border of image structures. In Hierarchical Super-resolution method first select the area of image which has to be edited.Selected area within boundary will be filled by different colour. If image is in the form of high resolution then convert it into low resolution image. The low-resolution input picture is divided in patch of small size and inpainted one by one with the nearest neighbour pixel value. Patch will select accordingly the patch priority now the Inpainting outcome is again converted to high resolution image efficiently recovered by a single-image super-resolution algorithm.
Index Terms—Examplar-Based Inpainting, Single-Image Super-Resolution.