Authors :- Ahmet Ferda Seymen

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 Volume 3 Issue 2

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The following research is an example of Quantitative research intended to measure the functions of the Human Resources department of “Standalone,” owner operated and branded (Franchise-Management contracted) hotels in Istanbul, Turkey. A questionnaire form consisting of 7 sections with a total of 44 questions was sent to 24 hotels; of which half of them were “Standalone”, owner operated and the other halfwere branded(Franchise-Management operated) hotels located in the central district of Taksim-Talimhane and Şişli province. The hotels were deliberately chosen as owner operated and as franchise/management contracted to identify the level of tasks carried out in different functions of Human Resources department at each property. The answers to the questionnaire were designed as Yes/No; better known as dichotomous questions. “No” and any “Unanswered” questionswas marked as zero (0); while all questions answered “Yes” received one (1) point. The answers received were also tested to Cronhback-Alpha and Kuder-Richardson KR-20 to measure the reliability of the questions as well as the consistency of the results within the “Standalone” and “Franchised/Management” groups as well as for the total survey.
Keywords:-Strategical Mindset, Innovation, Long-Term Planning, Advisory Role.