Authors :-Rayate Shubham S, Bodhe Yogesh A, Atole Gaurav R, Pawar Jagdish H.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 3

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The need for multifunctional wheelchair especially present in care of immovable people .This design and development of an multifunctional wheelchair that would perform all functions of present in today’s wheelchair. Wheelchair with adjustable portion of back rest and leg rest also convert to bed to wheelchair and vice versa and also remote control with which we can provide all necessary movement .And simple designs and good mechanical properties.
Due to the invention of the wheelchair, the quality of living of the disable person is improved because they are mobile in nature. Generally selection of power chair depends upon following factors such as; type of surface on which it will be driven, the need to settle thresholds and curbs & clearance width in consistent environment. This wheelchair takes the input from the user by using the switch and Bluetooth connection in mobile phones. It will gives motion into power in required direction.