Authors :-Krishnapriya P V, Smitha Suresh

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 7

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Encrypting data is a way to protect the data or to prevent the unauthorized access of data by others and these data can be text, image audio,video or anything. In order to protect data from unauthorized access a new concept is introduced and this is based on linear feedback shift register method. In this method two step encryption is provided to give more security to the data. The encrypted image can be decoded in the decryption stage. In the encryption stage the LFSR will generate random numbers to reorder positions of each pixels in the row of the image . After row encryption, column need to be encrypted by again generating random numbers using LFSR to reorder each pixels in the column of the image .Then we use XOR operation to shuffle all pixels to get the final encrypted image.To decrypt the image , reverse operation of encryption is performed . First step in the decryption process is XOR execution and then decrypt the column encrypted image and finally decrypting row encrypted image to reconstruct the original image.
Keywords—Linear Feedback shift Register, Encryption, Decryption,XOR,Random generator.