Authors :-  Branislav R. Tanasic

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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Marketing experts have already recognized the possibilities of networked computers at an early stage in the development of the Internet, and very quickly online business has become a standard model for doing business. The Internet has made a revolutionary change to its advertising and communication capabilities. Simply, companies have never had the ability to communicate quickly and directly with consumers, advertise their products/services and monitor user behavior. The Internet has erased geographical boundaries, time differences, and made the first major steps in the process now known as globalization. The development of mobile telephony provides additional impulses, small pocket devices have the capabilities of large personal computers, and they are always at hand. It is estimated that today there are nearly three billion computers connected to the Internet, while the number of mobile phones in 2015 exceeded the number of inhabitants of the planet.
Keywords:- Internet, Computer, Marketing, Mobile Phone.