Authors : Vandana Bharadi, Samridhi Maheshwari, Sakshi Sarawogi.

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 Volume 3 Issue 5

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The overall purpose of our research and study is to determine Impact of Social media on consumer buying behaviour. In the paper, we study three variables – social media trends, Word of Mouth ( WOM ) and interaction between company and the customer.We determine which of the variables have most impact on consumer buying behaviour. We’ve done this through conducting surveys and secondary research, laying impact on how the knowledge of trends differs from generation to generation, and also depends upon how much time one spends on different social networking sites. By rigorous research and extensive analysis, it has been found that consumers belonging to the older generations know less about trends since they have lesser exposure to and influence of social media, whereas the case is completely in contrast when comes to newer generations. How interaction between company and customers through Blogs, Portals, advertisements and apps attract customer to the company. Recently there has been an uproar of Social Media Influencers who provide expertise in particular segment of products and thus influencing customers to buy products. Our study talks about and explores more such findings.
Keywords:- Social media, Social media trends, Consumer buying behaviour, Social Media Influencers ,Bloggers, Youtubers, Social media marketing.