Authors :-Yaya Sudarya Triana, Indah Syahputri.

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 Volume 3 Issue 2

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The high number of user vehicles means that the needs of the garage will be higher.The garage is very necessary especially when vehicles experience problems at a location unknown. Nowadays, we can use insurance for our vehicles but not everyone can have this solution. This is because there are several conditions that must be met before a person can have or become a policyholder. So when a problem occurs, the driver needs another alternative to overcome it. To overcome this, needed media information to help find the nearest garage location. Application using Floyd-Warshall algorithm for the shortest path of the garage is one solution to solve
this problem. This application based on Android, equipped GPS systems and Google Map to make it easy to find the nearest garage location from the user location.
Keywords:Garage, GPS, Floyd-Warshall, Android, Google Map API.