Authors : Anto Febrianto, Arita Marini, Riana Bagaskorowati.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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This study aims to improve the cognitive abilities and interests of learners in the eyes of social studies subjects on social issues in the local area in class IV SDN Pasanggrahan II subdistrict Maja Majalengka district. This research uses action research method or Action Research. The research model used is Kemmis and McTaggart model has stages in each round are: 1) Planning (planning),2) action (action), 3) observation (observing), 4) and reflection (reflecting). This research can be completed in 2 cycles. This location is done in SDN Pasanggrahan II subdistrict Maja Majalengka District, amounting to 20 students consists of 10 students and 10 female students. The types of instruments used are test, interview, observation, and documentation. Increased cognitive ability can be seen from the activity of cycle I reach 60% or 12 students can be said to be binding of the number of 20 students and in the second cycle reached an increase to 85% with jemlah learners who complete as many as 17 students from 20 learners. Students’ interest in learning social studies reaches 65%, the result is increased in cycle II with the total score of 1481 with the result of 80% percentage. With this result, it can be concluded that model of cooperative learning type studen teamsachievement division (stad) on IPS learning in class IV SD Negeri Pasanggrahan II Maja District.
Keywords:- Cooperative learning, STAD, IPS.