Authors : Sofyan Mustoip, Zulela MS, M. Japar.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 7

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Students at this time, lack of polite attitude especially to teachers who should be respected. The sense of courtesy can be seen when the students shake hands with the teacher they meet, say “excuse” when passing the more mature person, especially the teacher they often meet in the school, and the number of learners who use slang compared to using Sundanese. Based on this matter, State Primary School 5 Sindangkasih implements character education which emphasizes the existence of the aspects of value of delays in daily life in school. Implementation is, contained in the seven themes of character education that is Monday love the homeland (Ajeg Nusantara in Sundanese), Tuesday pick up the world (Mapag Buana in Sundanese language), Wednesday cultured Sunda (Maneuh di Sunda in Sundanese language), Thursday art- oriented (Nyanding Wawangi in Sundanese language), Friday purify themselves (Nyucikeun Diri in Sundanese language), Saturday and Sunday gathered with family (Betah di Imah in Sundanese language). Implementation of character education at State Primary School 5 Sindangkasih resulted in several programs including: entry program at 06.00 WIB, welcoming students, eating together, wearing scout uniform on Monday, wearing Sundanese fashion on Tuesday and Wednesday, learning to use Sundanese language on Wednesday, social-care programs on Thursday, a program to purify themselves on Fridays, student home visits programs on Saturdays, and character building programs.
Keywords:- Character Education, Educate Participant, State Primary School 5 Sindangkasih.