Authors :-Alfino Alwie, ErryRimawan.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Inspection program is an important maintenance activity in industrial processes, the risk based inspection (RBI) methodology is commonly used for the inspection of pressurized fixed equipment, including pressure vessel, piping, tankage, and heat exchanger in the refining and petrochemical, and chemical process plant. The RBI provides the basis for marking informed decisions on inspection frequency, the extent of inspection, and the most suitable type of Nondestructi ve Evaluation (NDE). A Priority of Inspection is based on risk level causing equipment failure either leakage or breakage that can be described with expected values and lead to impacts on human safety, environment, loss of corporate and business assets, is the integrity of the likelihood and co efficiency of equipment failure. In this paper describes the RBI methodology which reflects the values of risk. An example of an implementation of Fertilizer Ammonia Plant in Kalimantan-Indonesia will be featured and discuss the suggested approach.
Keywords:- Risk, Inspection, Microsoft Excel, Weibull Distribution, RBI, Reliability, Probability of Failure.