Author(s): Banwari Meena , Deepesh Namdev

Published in: International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology


Volume/Issue: Volume 1 Issue 4

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In this paper, we investigates the energy storage technologies that can potentially enhance the use of solar energy. PV cells convert the sun electromagnetic rays into electrical energy .Convert electrical energy goes to the electrolyzer which separate the H2 and O2 ions and then store it in different tank for future use . The main comes for hydrogen storage . As we know gas take more volume as compare to solid and liquid . So it is difficult to transport the H2 due to high volume .So we have to compress the H2 at high pressure tank so that H2 convert into liquid and can easy to transport . Water electrolysis systems are seen as the principal means of producing a large amount of hydrogen in the future. Starting from the analysis of the models of the system components, a complete simulation model was realized in the Matlab-Simulink environment. In this research we are improving the performance of the hydrogen Tank storage. We are improving the hydrogen storage tank pressure by use Fuzzy logic . As the pressure of the H2 tank get increase it get easy to transport and in storage also .
Keywords—Electrolyzer, Fuzzy logic ,PID controller Simulink, solar energy, storage system.