Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma, Gajanand Sharma ,Dinesh Goyal.

Published in: International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology


Volume/Issue: Volume 1 Issue 9

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In Wireless Network , Mobile Adhoc Network is a special kind of Network. It is a group of many mobile nodes in which we does not require any big infrastructure. In a wireless Network, any attack can be apply easily as compare to the wire based communication because in wireless sensor network we have limited security. In this paper , our main aim is to increase Packet Delivery Ratio for the system along with low Delay. The simulation results is carried out by the 1000 mobile nodes by using network simulator. In the Base Paper , they are working for the ZONE Routing protocol for show the Packet Delivery ratio and End to End delay . In this Research , we improving the network performance by improve the Packet Delivery Ratio and by decrease the end to end delay from Genetic Zone Routing Protocol .
Keywords: MANET, ZRP, security, mobility, route.