Authors : Erry Rimawan, Angga Pratama.

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 Volume 3 Issue 12

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In a situation of increasingly competitive global competition, the issue of product quality is a central issue for every company. The company’s ability to provide quality products will be a weapon to win the competition, because by providing products the quality of customer satisfaction will be achieved.Therefore attention to a product quality can have a positive impact on the company itself, this condition requires that a company must process all of its resources optimally and carry out intensive improvements to the existing work system effectively and efficiently. This study uses the Six Sigma method which aims to identify all types of defects in herbicide products, This study uses the Six Sigma method which aims to identify CTQ (critical to quality) in the production process, Measuring DPMO, Level Six Sigma, After that analyzing the causes of defects using fishbone which consists of machine, material, method, human factors, then making proposed improvements by doing FMEA analysis, the company is expected to be able to find out the cause of disability companies and be able to take better corrective actions.
Keywords:- Quality, Six Sigma, CTQ (critical to quality), Defect Per Million Opportunities (DPMO), Level Six sigma, Level fishbone, FMEA.