Authors :- B. C. Bhunia , Dr. D. R. Jana

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 12

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In production technology Aluminium Casting can be produced by 33 different processes, but in modern days the most important process is high pressure die casting in rheocasting technologies for obtaining high performance in “Al” components. In fabrication technology rheocasting process is more desirable to produce high quality of Aluminum alloys. A lot of rheocasting processes are proposed, but for the final success it is necessary to choice a really feasible process and to maintain all the steps under a strict control. This review described the way of improving the performance of highly stressed parts, using simple rheocasting and thixocasting process, contributing to produced Aluminium and its alloys for automotive and aeronautical/aerospace applications. The main Semi Solid Metal (SSM) technologies and future trends has been presented and discussed. The properties of A356 and A357 Aluminium alloys were investigated to establish the influence of the adopted Rheocasting process on the final performances in terms of reliability of the produced parts.
Keywords:- Rheocasting and Thixocasting, Shrinkage, Lean Production, Productivity