Authors : Dr. Bui Quoc Binh, Dr. Zhong Qingdong.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 6

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Corrosion of reinforcement steel bars (rebar) in concrete is one of the principal causes of untimely degradation of reinforced concrete structures, leading to structural failure. Various procedures are being used to enhance the anti-corrosion properties of reinforced concrete structures, which include surface coatings (both of concrete and rebar surface), cathodic protection, chloride eliminated and corrosion inhibitors.
Among those procedures, the using of corrosion inhibitors is proved the effective manners to control corrosion of rebar. Some attempts have been carried out to investigate the performance of the vary kinds of inhibitors such as: anodic inhibitors, cathodic inhibitors and mixed inhibitors to control reinforcement steel bars corrosion. Compressive strength test and electrochemical test were conducted by series of inhibitors and varying the proportion of inhibitors. In portland cement concrete the additives not only increased or not effected in the compressive strength of the concrete samples but also enhanced the anti-corrosion properties.
This paper presents the results of experimental for 9 series of sample for exposure test (one series of pure concrete) into artificial seawater (ASW).
Keywords: Anti-corrosion, Portland cement concrete, Inhibitor.