Authors :- Shyam Joseph Antony, K.Meera, M.Sangeetha, K.Vimalika.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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This paper is proposed to optimize the efficiency of photo voltaic conversion by orienting the panel in accordance with the real position of sun by tracking in dual axis and also increases the output voltage with the help of SEPIC converter. The Dual axis tracking is facilitated by using LDRs(Light Dependent Resistors) on each axis. The MPPT algorithm is used to obtain
maximum power point at any climatic condition and thus the output power can be kept constant at any instance of time. A modified P&O technique controls the amount of perturbation depending on operating point of PV solar cell is proposed. The proposed method improves voltage and power output by both solar tracking and by effective power tracking algorithm with SEPIC (Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter) controlled by PIC microcontroller. The System is tested and simulated with the help of MATLAB/Simulink.
Keywords:-PIC microcontroller, Dual axis tracking, Maximum Power Point Tracking, Photovoltaic Systems, P&O technique, SEPIC Converter.