Authors : Teuku Mirwan Saputra, Feri Ali Tosa, Yadi Santoso, Erry Rimawan.

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 Volume 3 Issue 6

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Spare part management and inventory control is the way how to manage and control spare part in optimum ways. The spare parts itself are needed for maintaining and repairing the machine in order to run the production smoothly. The variability of demand of spare parts are commonly happened that create uncertainty condition in spare part. It means, those conditions can be defined as multiperiod inventory system with probability approach. In PT.XYZ, the condition of spare part is usually become the causes of Line Stop that already know as prohibitively expensive conditions. The Line Stop that caused by spare part are recorded equal to 10.63% from the average total of Machine Stop percentage. In this case, Line Stop percentage can be reduced by providing an ideal spare part warehouse. An ideal spare part warehouse should have Right Part, Right Time, and Right Quantity. Those of criteria will be provided by using Vital-Essential-Desirable (VED) Analysis, Fast Moving-Slow Moving-Nonmoving (FSN) Analysis as a spare part management methods, and Periodic Review (P) system as a spare part inventory control methods. As a result, Spare part management and inventory control already success to reduce 10 % on average of Line Stop after proved in 14 main machines in assembling shop.
Keywords:- Spare part management and inventory control, uncertainty condition in spare part, Line Stop, ideal spare part warehouse, VED analysis, FSN analysis, Periodic Review (P) system.