Authors :-Jijo James Indiparambil.

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 Volume 3 Issue 4

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India being the largest democratic country in the world having a workforce close to half a billion people second only to China and three times the size of the United State, emerges today as a major global power. Though India is predominantly a rural, agro-based country with about two thirds of its population based in villages, we witness a rural transformation led by the green revolution of the late sixties and the white revolution of late seventies. The third phase of rural transformation is brought about by a ‘knowledge revolution’ facilitated by Information and Communication Technology. This shift produced commendable revolution in India and reduced intermediation in business and society, provided solution across sectors and is increasingly becoming an important tool for nation development. This article attempts to provide a nuanced contemporary picture of Indian economic sectors and labour systems signifying some features of work sectors, employment practices, labour market functions and emergence of new working class in India.
Keywords:- economic sectors, working class, labour force, work culture, workforce, IT industry.