Authors : Sance A.Lamusu.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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The researchaims to describe it forms of learning in the curriculum 2013. Implement as Indonesian language learning in 2013 in the school curriculum. Based on these objectives, the results of this study are: The form of learning Indonesian in the competency-based 2013 curriculum has eight characteristics, namely: (1) The content or curriculum content is a competence expressed in the form of core competencies of the subject and further detailed into Basic Competencies;(2) Core Competencies;(3) Basic Competencies;(4) emphasis on domain competencies, attitudes, cognitive skills, psychomotor skills, and knowledge for an educational unit and subjects are marked by the number of KD subjects;(5) Core Competence becomes an organizational element of competence not a concept, generalization, topic or something that comes from the disciplinary-based curriculum or content-based curriculum;(6) Basic Competencies developed are based on accumulative principles, mutually reinforcing, and enriching the subject matter;(7) The learning process is based on efforts to master competencies at a satisfactory level by paying attention to the characteristics of complete knowledge competency content;(8) Assessment of learning outcomes covers all aspects of competence, is formative and the results are immediately followed by remedial learning to ensure competency mastery at a satisfactory level.
Keywords:- Building Knowledge of Field, Modelling of Text, Joint Construction of Text, and Independent Construction of Text.