Authors :-Bhavin Kumar, Priyanka Yadav, Mohit Kumar Bask, Virendra Singh Bais, Gajanan M. Walunjkar.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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To evaluate the candidates based on their knowledge level is highly important for success of any recruiter organization or selection committee. If this process is provided with additional help to judge the confidence level of the candidate based on certain parameters related to facial expression and mouse movements during examination will enhance the current system of online examination. Some students also use unfair means to score in the examination and this proposed system will also ensure fair examination practices.
This application will conduct the examination in a fair manner by recognising the facial expressions of the candidate during exam. The expression generated bycandidate will give additional perspective for evaluations. Candidate will be monitored through web cam and the algorithm will be applied to it detecting the face of candidate. At the initial stage result will be produced based on few parameters.
This system will be helped by providing additional help in deciding through considering pointer movement which will tracked through mouse. This combined result will enhance the accuracy of result. Finally, a report will be generated after the exam which tells how much confident the candidate was in the exam with additional parameters like anger, surprise, happy, etc.
Keywords:- Facial Emotion, Surveillance, Para-verbal communication.