Authors :-P. Sebastian Vindro Jude, Ahilan Pandian, Kamal Chellappan, Maniram Kuppusamy.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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The unsustainable nature of fossil fuels that are used for generation of power in large amount has promoted the use of renewable energy methods. Sunlight is the major source of renewable energy and it is converted into electricity using solar panels. There are numerous factors which hinder the performance of the solar panel and there are factors which increase its efficiency. Considering all these factors, numerous features have been accommodated in the solar panel design to improve the efficiency of the solar panels. Among them are solar tracking, solar concentration and solar panel cooling. By integrating the above three methods, we can improve the output power that is generated. For the tracking of sunlight, LDRs are used and with the help of DC motor the panel is rotated. The light is concentrated to a particular area in order to utilize maximum sunlight using simple mirrors and water is made to flow below the panel to reduce the heat losses.
Keywords:- Solar Tracking ;Solar Concentration ;Solar panel Cooling; LDR sensor; Temperature sensor;