Authors : Suresha Nayak K, Ashwin Kumar.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Almost all the institution like colleges, universities etc, makes use of a system in which lighting can be controlled by a switch, for such a system, majority of the institution members forget to turn off the light, fans. etc while leaving the classroom. This leads to the heavy wastage of energy and the institution and up paying a heavy amount of money for this unwanted wastage. New innovations have led to the remote system. Even after this, leaving the device running where we are not using it is still a serious challenge.
So for the judicious use of energy we have developed the “Intelligent energy saving system”. In this system we divide the classroom into four grids. Lighting of a particular grid of the classroom can be controlled by human presence using this system.
Keywords:- PIC Controller, Automation, Relay, Energy.