Authors :-A.Shyam Joseph, E.Krishna Prasad, G.Arulprakash, T.Madhusudhanan.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Traffic signals play a major role in everyone’s day –to- day life. Due to improper functioning of traffic signals, 14% of the total people who struggle for their lives are dead. About 34,000 minor accidents occur in a day in India. Every 4 minutes a person is dead due to flaws in traffic signal control system in India. In a day about 50 people die due to improper functioning of traffic signals in Tamil Nadu. The death tolls due to road accidents have increased by 10% in the year 2016 when compared to 2015. We propose a system in which the traffic signals are controlled from control centres. The traffic data of a particular signal is transferred from a computer to that signal through GSM (Global System for Mobile).With that data, the traffic is controlled automatically using a controller. The controller is programmed in such a way that the timing of each path is varied based on vehicle density with the help of traffic datum.
Keywords:- LCD, Wi-Fi, GSM, ATMEGA162, Relay.