Authors :-Supriya Telsang,Tanvi T. Pisal,Siddhi S. Gaonkar.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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In India traffic is the most important concern of major metropolitan cities. Traditional traffic signal system only gives instructions to stop and not to vehicle driver. But if someone is breaking the signal then this system is not able to catch them and there are chances of taking bribe also includes lots of human efforts. The current situation of the system is tracing violation. But the drawback of this current situation is, engaging lot of human efforts also the tracing of the violation is not continuous as it is done manually. Therefore to increase the security of traffic signal and to reduce human efforts and to avoid the bribery we are introducing Intelligent/Smart Traffic Signal System through this research paper. In this paper, an approach to make the traffic signal adaptive to the dynamic traffic flow using wireless sensor network is proposed.
Keywords:-Intelligent Traffic; Microcontroller; Tracking Violation.