Authors :- Branislav R. Tanasic

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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Internet marketing or online marketing is a set of promotional and marketing techniques that use Web and Email Internet users, allowing direct sales. Integrated strategy for on-line performance is a combination of the use of social networking, Google services and tools Newsletter. Newsletter tools are used individually, so personalized, but to match the behavior of the target group to which they were sent. Do individuals leads previously conducted research, which should reveal the desires of consumers, their needs, interests, purchasing power … etc.. It is very important to know the time that consumers spend on the Internet as well as the sites most frequently visited. Synergy campaign on the Internet is the integration of all forms of on-line advertising in a comprehensive strategy to reach target groups. Internet promotion is actually using the principles of traditional direct marketing, but is now used well-developed telecommunications and information technology.
Keywords:- Marketing, Internet, Advertising, Promotion, Web, Click, E Mail.